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2021 Idaho Fire Fighter’s License Plate Fund 
               GRANT INFORMATION

Note: Please read ALL of the grant application instructions carefully. Follow the instructions. Complete the application form completely. Grant applications have been rejected for failure to follow the instructions. Thanks!

Complete the 2021 Grant Application Online>>  (please read the instructions below before completing!)

Dear Grant Applicant, 

The Idaho Fire Chief’s Association (IFCA) announces the 2021 Fire Fighter License Plate (FFLP) grant program. These grants are awarded annually from available funds received through the Idaho Fire Fighter’s License Plate (FFLP) Fund program. Grant applications are reviewed by the FFLP Grant Review Committee. The Committee carefully evaluates all applications and establishes the grant amounts. 2020 marks the 20th year of this highly successful program. Nearly $750,000 in grants have been awarded for fire safety education programs across Idaho since the program began!
Grant application forms for 2020 must be received no later than Friday, July 9, 2021.

The 2021 FFLP grant awards will be announced and distributed in August. Please plan accordingly if this time factor might affect use of anticipated funding or procurement.

Up to 75% of the available grant fund balance that has accrued as of July 1st is awarded. It is estimated there will be about $60,000 available for grant awards in 2021.

IMPORTANT: Grant requests must comply with the legislated guidelines to be used “exclusively for the fire safety education of firefighters, fire chiefs, and the general public.” Each year some grant applications are rejected because they are more operationally, equipment or training oriented.

Rules and Guidelines for Grant Applications:

1. An organization, agency or group may only submit one (1) grant application each year. Fire departments with “joint duties” (a municipal and a rural district), that have more than one Idaho FDID number registered with the State Fire Marshal’s IFIRS program, may submit one grant application per FDID number. Your FDID number must be provided if you are a fire department applicant. Grant requests from a fire department must have that agency’s head person (Chief, Director, Chairman, etc.) sign digitally by including their name in the space provided on the application form.

2. Associations or organizations may submit only one (1) grant application for the parent organization. However, sub‐groups within larger association, such as Chapters, Locals, Divisions, etc., may also submit one application per each sub‐group. Individuals and non‐fire groups are only allowed to submit a single application.

3. Any and all surplus or unexpended grant funds MUST be returned to the IFCA. Failure to do so will result in the loss of consideration for additional grants for a period of five years from the year of the initial grant. In special circumstances the FFLP Committee may extend a grant usage period if asked to do so in writing by the grant recipient and there are extenuating circumstances

4. Failure to submit the required “closing report” by the end of the grant usage period will result in the loss of consideration for additional grants for a period of five years from the year of the initial grant. NEW: Grant checks not cashed within 60 days of check issuance will be cancelled.

5. All applicants must enter their Federal Tax ID number (if they have one) or the Applicant’s SSN in the space provided on the application form. (This information will be kept strictly confidential and is for IFCA accountant information purposes only.)

6. Grant awards for commonly requested electronic equipment, specifically laptop computers or LCD projectors, are typically “capped” at a set amount based on the current common price for a basic version of that equipment. 

7. Grants are generally “capped” at a maximum possible award of $2,500-$3,500 though a higher amount may be requested. This is to allow funding of as many grant requests as possible. There is no minimum grant amount that may be requested and no guarantee that the full requested amount will be awarded.  Please contact Patty Morgan at (208) 629-4865 for more information and assistance.though a higher amount may be requested. This is to allow funding of as many grant requests as possible. There is no minimum grant amount that may be requested and no guarantee that the full requested amount will be awarded.  Please contact Patty Morgan at (208) 629-4865  for more information and assistance.

8. Grant applications may only be requested for a single item or activity. Requesting funds for a laptop computer would be acceptable, whereas, a request for a laptop computer and an LCD projector would not be eligible in the same year. You may request one item (the laptop) this year, but you would have to apply for the second item (the LCD projector) in a subsequent year. “Fire prevention handout material” would be considered a single item (brochures) but there could be a dozen or more different types of brochures.

9.  Requests for the following items are not an acceptable use of grant funds and will not be awarded:  Smoke Detectors or CO2 Detectors; (units may be purchased with third party funds and the educational materials and training component however is acceptable); EMS related equipment including CPR  and other non-fire related training manikins; Drones; Furnishings; Administrative Costs; and Training Costs for individuals.  

10. If you have a surplus of money from a grant, the grant recipient may contact the IFCA offices with a request to use the balance, or a portion thereof, for another “related” item if you wish to do so. Such requests must be in writing (email is acceptable) and must state the grant number, circumstances, with justification, for the re‐allocation of the funds. The FFLP Committee will be consulted to review and approve such requests.

11. No grants will be “automatically” renewable. A new grant request is required for each grant period (annually) and a separate application must be submitted each year.

12. Grant applicants must “justify” their request. Don’t just list “Laptop computer”. Explain why you need the resource and what it will be used for. Please make sure that it meets the “exclusively for the fire safety education of . . .” legislative mandate of the program.

13. If requesting funds for materials or equipment (i.e., laptops, DVD’s, pamphlets, signs, costumes, etc.) you should submit a product information sheet on the product(s) with the cost of it, or, a written estimate of the total cost from the vendor for the product. If there is tax, shipping, set‐up or handling costs to obtain or prep the product for use, those costs may be included in the grant request, but they must also be shown and itemized on the estimate. Administrative costs are not eligible for funding.

14. All grant request amounts need to be rounded off to a whole dollar amount.

15. From time to time a special or urgent grant need may arise outside of the normal application period. If you feel you qualify, you may submit a grant application form to the IFCA offices at any time with an accompanying letter of circumstances stating “why” the special request grant should be funded and the reason for the urgency. This will be forwarded to the FFLP Grant Review Committee for consideration and they will render a decision whether to fund it or not.

16. There is no guarantee that any or all grant applications will be funded or that applications will be “fully” funded. This means you might receive 100% funding or receive a portion of what you requested. This is fairly common. If your grant request requires 100% FFLP grant funding, then this must be checked on the grant application form in the space provided. It is highly recommended that Applicants seek out “other funds” to help support their project as this shows a shared financial commitment toward the project.

17. If the Applicant is a past recipient of a FFLP grant you should check “Yes” on the form. If the Applicant has never received a FFLP grant, you should check “No” on the form. First‐time grant applicants will be given a priority consideration.

Remember, your 2020 Grant Application must be submitted electronically and received by the IFCA on or before the deadline of July 9, 2021.

For questions contact:

Idaho Fire Chief’s Association, Inc. Phone: (208) 629-4865Idaho Fire Chief’s Association, Inc. Phone: (208) 629-4865
ATTN: Patty Morgan, Executive Director
P.O. Box 2133, Boise, ID 83701

Idaho Fire Chiefs Association
P.O. Box 2133   Boise, Idaho   83701-2133
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