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Attached is an introduction for a potential retirement program that ALL volunteer FFs in Idaho would be eligible for if their agency chose to adopt.

HeroPlus Kit 10-18-18.pdf>>

The LOSAP program is offered by multiple different retirement companies throughout the nation and is most prevalent on the East coast. Saint Maries Fire Protection District (SMFPD) has been working with Lincoln Financial Group and has made great strides in developing policies towards the goal of making this program a reality for its volunteer staff. The LOSAP program is completely customizable to fit each agency needs and budgets. Each agency is responsible for developing and implementing their own policies regarding vesting periods, contribution amounts, point scales to determine eligibility and others. This allows each agency to determine what they are wanting from their volunteers (attendance at trainings, shift coverages, incident response, etc. etc.) and develop policies for the LOSAP program to provide an amazing incentive to reach those goals. SMFPD hopes to go online with this program starting Fiscal Year 2020. It is our hope that we can bring in a representative from Lincoln Financial for the 2019 Idaho Fire Chiefs Conference, so he can better answer any questions you may have

Please look over the attached document and if you have any questions please forward them to:

Larry Naccarato,

Fire Chief

Saint Maries Fire Protection District


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